Supporter Engagement: Programme focus (strategic)

Tools and techniques to apply strategic focus to all your programmes


Which of our products
are most attractive?




Which communication
channels are most effective?


Where should we be
investing our budget?



Product Portfolio

A good starting point to reviewing your fundraising activity is to take an in depth dive into your Product Portfolio to understand which products are working best for you and where you may have gaps or weaknesses. Product Portfolio analysis will use your data and our fundraising expertise to score and rank each of your products across a number of dimensions – value, cost, resource, net income, supporter engagement, supporter recruitment, LTV, attractiveness, growth potential and more. These scores can then be combined and weighted to determine the strengths of each of your products in delivering to your desired outcomes.

Reviewing your products across the board will highlight where to invest or divest your budgets and where further development may be needed.

Communications Reviews

Taking a holistic view of your communication programme, and viewing through the lens of different audience segmentations, will help you optimise your channels and messaging, and identify whether there are gaps or overkill in communication levels. Individual campaign analysis can often miss the bigger picture and it is important to stand back and look at your programme through the eyes of your supporters. Understanding what each individual actually receives can reveal some surprising insights.

Take a holistic view of your communication programme to understand the overall impact of your strategies on supporter engagement.

Market Mix Modelling

Market Mix Modelling (otherwise known as Econometric or Attribution modelling) can help you make sense of how your different campaigns and channels are working in a multi-media world. How do you understand the full impacts of campaigns that may drive supporters down alternative response channels, or are designed to impact awareness to create a halo effect on other activity? We can help you take a holistic view across all your activities, evaluating them in a single model which will help you understand these crossover and incremental impacts.

Measure and quantify the true impacts of all your marketing activity to make better informed decision on how to allocate your budget.


We can provide robust forecasting tools to assess future income across your entire fundraising programme. This will show you the current direction of your programme and allow you to plan different investment scenarios to determine the best way to achieve your fundraising goals. This will help give confidence to your planning and allow you to evaluate any outcomes from the audience and product work.

Understand the key drivers of your fundraising income and assess the impact of different strategies against your future revenue and file size. Assess investment levels needed to maintain income or hit growth targets.