Data-informed engagement strategies
for charities and membership organisations


What is Sequoia?


Sequoia is a successful data agency with a long track record.  Our principal focus is centred on charities and membership organisations, stepping up the value they get from their data, building a deeper understanding of supporters or members and ultimately, creating a self-sustaining data powered engagement strategy.

Our team of experienced professionals share more than 100 years of award-winning data experience supporting the not-for-profit sector. Collaboration is the key to our success, as we work hand-in-hand with established internal teams adding value to their work, or with ambitious organisations taking their first steps in using data.

We’ve distilled our overall methodology into three main sections.




We’ll support you in all or any part of your data journey. Our flexible approach acknowledges that all organisations are different and each project or requirement is unique. We bring our standard tools and processes to bear to give you a jump start to success – to rise above every challenge you face.

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Sequoia Foundations


Integrate your data into the Sequoia Warehouse


Sequoia builds data-informed engagement strategies by first focusing on the foundations: getting your data in shape.

We take your disparate data, from multiple sources where necessary, and clean, organise and categorise it,  using our highly tuned processes and frameworks.

Your refined data, integrated into the Sequoia Warehouse, thus provides a standardised view for all users – Sequoia or your internal teams – and becomes the core building block for all subsequent projects.

We then make this data available to you through Sequoia Canopy – our comprehensive fundraising reporting suite – or through the end-user tool of your choice, delivering you a flexible and valuable data asset that invites confident and incisive analysis.


Sequoia Insights


Generate enhanced understanding
of your performance drivers


Once we have structured and organised your data, we breathe life into it by overlaying reporting and insight.

We offer services ranging from self-serve reporting (Sequoia Canopy) to more comprehensive insight projects, helping you to recognise the key trends in your data and understand what they mean. We’ll call on our extensive and relevant experience to make recommendations about what you could do next.

This way, you’ll be able to recognise the hidden potential in your programme and appreciate how it affects the factors that drive success for your organisation. Always collaborating closely with you to ensure we have full contextual awareness, our consultant analysts and dedicated account team will help you plan for improvement and growth.

Sequoia delivers improved understanding of all your key performance indicators, from recruitment to attrition, from lifetime value to cross-sell metrics. We make sure your key decisions are based on the best possible information.


Sequoia Action


Optimise and enhance your engagement strategies


Finally, we help you translate all that data and insight into meaningful action. Using recommendations based on the data, combined with your own priorities or strategies, we will build models and algorithms to rank and prioritise your engagement strategies and actions.

We use statistical and machine-learning techniques to identify the best prospects for your marketing and engagement activities. These optimise your targeting and ensure you are communicating with the right audiences in the right way.

These models can also be used to inform or automate supporter/member journeys and to drive ‘next best action’ programmes.

Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll offer generic models which use your data to learn and improve over time, or we can build bespoke models specifically tuned to your data and KPIs.


More about Sequoia


Sequoia is led by Jon Kelly, who has over 15 years of experience working with charities and fundraising data to deliver key insights that support key strategic decision making. Previously holding senior positions at agencies such as Occam and Wood for Trees, he also plays a key role in the CIOF Insight in Fundraising Special Interest Group.

His focus is putting powerful information directly in the hands of those who can act most effectively upon it, delivering timely and relevant insight in a way that’s easy to digest and act upon.

Jon Kelly, alongside Laura Leach and with support from Woods Valldata, has established this exciting new venture to provide specialised data analysis services in the sector.

“I feel passionately about the use of data analysis to help organisations make better decisions and achieve greater impact. I’m therefore excited to launch Sequoia and to continue to bring our expertise to the charity and membership sector,” said Jon Kelly. “We look forward to helping our clients drive value from their data and ultimately to help them achieve their goals.”

Sequoia’s services include data analysis, data visualisation and reporting, predictive modelling, and consulting. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and provide customised solutions that meet their specific requirements. The company’s team of data experts has a deep understanding of the charity and membership sector, helping organisations to make sense of their data and use it to make informed decisions.

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