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Why Quality Data Reporting is so Important

In a world where data has grown in importance and abundance in recent years there are still blindspots in some organisations where reports, and more importantly reliable reports, are not easily accessible.

It’s true to say that fundraisers are generally very aware of their results and of the recent trends in activity, but gut-feel is often not enough to secure additional funding or to be confident in the best place to invest in acquisition. Having access to robust and up to date reports provides the whole team with key metrics and empowers decision making from across the organisation.

At Sequoia, we are continuing to develop, and add to, an already comprehensive set of reports to satisfy the key metrics needed and provide organisations with easy to interpret visuals to help achieve their fundraising goals.


The benefits of key reports can span across the organisation. A few examples are included below:

Decoding donor behaviour: Average gifts and recruitment channels

As part of any set of reports it is critical to shine a spotlight on donor behaviour. These types of reports provide a detailed analysis of average gifts, allowing charities to tailor their campaigns to donor preferences. Moreover, they will unravel the success (or otherwise) of specific recruitment channels, helping organisations identify the most effective avenues for reaching their audience and help build out strategies around that. Our Engagement Scorecard provides an overall view on donor behaviour as well as a wealth of reports giving detailed metrics on who your most valuable donors are.

Navigating Challenges: Lapsed Donor Report

All charities face the challenge of lapsed donors – individuals who once supported a cause but have since disengaged. This view would offer valuable insights into the underlying figures of who the donors are that are lapsing and when, enabling organisations to look below the surface and implement targeted strategies for re-engagement and really understand the make-up of the supporter file.

Understanding the landscape: Programme-level analysis

At the core of all fundraising teams there is a need to view how all the streams are working together. Something like the Programme Scorecard offers a complete overview of the charity’s fundraising at the top level. It explores each aspect of income generation, splitting it by the Supporter engagement score to understand the combined programme and supporter interaction. By dissecting the data, it gives charities the power to make informed decisions and strategise for maximum impact.

Beyond numbers: User-friendly reports

As with any set of reports the need to illustrate the results in a clear and easy to digest format should be at the core. We understand the importance of accessibility, and therefore, our reports are designed to be user-friendly. With a short introduction on functionality, you can seamlessly navigate through the wealth of information we provide.




Having access to reliable reports can help you by giving you all these benefits at your fingertips and realise the potential in your programme:

  1. Strategic Decision-Making: Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.
  2. Optimised Campaigns: Tailor your fundraising campaigns to align with donor preferences.
  3. Re-Engage Effectively: Revitalise relationships with lapsed donors through targeted strategies.


Canopy – The Charity Intelligence Portal, offers you all these benefits and gaining access to this invaluable resource is simple. With efficiency at its core, you can navigate through our reports easily with simple to understand charts and tables.

Contact us for a demonstration to unlock a world of possibilities for your charity fundraising efforts.