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In today’s rapidly evolving fundraising landscape, understanding supporter engagement is paramount to the success of any not for profit organisation.

Canopy Reporting harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to provide third sector, charity, and fundraising professionals with comprehensive data metrics that delve deep into the nuances of supporter engagement.

From the top down our comprehensive reports will give you a clearer understanding of your key performance indicators and help you drive value in your fundraising programme.

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Key features of Canopy Reporting

Engagement Dashboard

Our platform introduces an advanced supporter engagement scoring system that measures the level of interaction and commitment of each supporter. By assigning scores based on factors such as donation history, volunteer participation, event attendance, and social media activity, organisations can prioritise their outreach efforts and tailor their communications accordingly.

Real-Time Analytics

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and insights using our campaign or programme dashboard. Monitor regular giving performance, track key supporter metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your fundraising strategies on the fly.

Machine-led Propensity Models

Take the risk out of data selections and ensure you are targeting the right people with the right appeals. Integrated algorithms will rank and score you supporters based on the likelihood to respond to different types of campaign.

Adaptable Reports

Our portal offers flexible reporting options, allowing you to personalise reports that align with your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to evaluate the success of a specific fundraising initiative or measure long-term supporter retention, our platform provides the flexibility to bookmark detailed reports tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Data Visualisation

We understand the power of visual storytelling. Our reporting portal incorporates intuitive data visualisation tools, enabling you to view complex data sets as compelling visuals. Easily communicate your fundraising successes, highlight trends, and share impactful insights with stakeholders, donors, and board members.

Integration and Security

Let Sequoia integrate your existing CRM data into our reporting portal. Rest assured, our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring your data remains protected and confidential.

The Canopy suite of reports


The Retention report provides insights and data on the performance and effectiveness of your efforts to retain donors and supporters over a period of time, and how they change from one year to the next. This report is a valuable tool for organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of the donor retention strategies, make informed decisions, and develop strategies to improve donor relationships. By focusing on retaining existing donors, organisations can often reduce fundraising costs and increase overall revenue over time.


The Tenure report provides an overview of the continued and ongoing relationship of supporters with an organisation, specifically related to fundraising efforts over a specific period of time. This report is typically used to assess the effectiveness of the fundraising programme and to inform future fundraising strategies, to assess all fundraising efforts, demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the activities in the future.


The Cross-sell report shows the data associated with cross-selling efforts within the organisation. Cross-selling reviews how existing donors or supporters make additional contributions or engage in various activities beyond their initial donation or transaction.Fundraising cross-sell reports are useful to help better understand the actions of donors and supporters, to tailor the fundraising strategies, and ultimately increase the revenue and support from the existing base. By analysing the data and insights in these reports, it will be possible to refine fundraising tactics and improve relationships with donors, ultimately leading to improved supporter engagement.


The Crossover report provides an overview of the intersection or “crossover” between different types of fundraising activity or campaigns within the organisation at a given point, between different supporter groups. This report can be used to assess the effectiveness of the cross sell and engagement strategies and to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and strategy. This report is key to monitor the fundraising efforts, in understanding which fundraising sources are most effective and where improvements can be made, ultimately allowing organisations to make data driven decisions to better achieve the aims and fulfil the strategic goals.
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Second Gift

The Second Gift report is used to track and analyse the giving patterns of newly recruited donors. This report specifically focuses on donors who have made a second gift to the organisation, and in what time period. The primary purpose of the report is to help improve donor retention and develop more effective fundraising strategies. By understanding the behaviour and preferences of donors who make a second gift, organisations can work to build stronger, long-term relationships with supporters and increase overall fundraising success.


The Frequency report shows the number of interactions from supporters across all fundraising activities and other communications over a specified period of time. This report typically provides valuable insights into the frequency and patterns of donor contributions and engagement. The frequency report assists organisations in making data-driven decisions to optimise fundraising efforts, strengthen donor relationships, and achieve fundraising goals. It allows an understanding of donor behaviour and to adapt strategies accordingly.

Lifetime Value

The Lifetime Value (LTV) report is a valuable tool to assess the long-term impact and financial value of their donors across all channels and programmes. This report provides insights into the future revenue potential of individual donors or donor segments based on recruitment source, demographics and other variables. Fundraising LTV reports are essential for making informed decisions about resource allocation, donor engagement, and long-term sustainability. By understanding the lifetime value of donors, organisations can develop more effective and strategic fundraising campaigns to maximize their impact.


The value report provides valuable information about the fundraising activity. It is typically used to assess the effectiveness of the fundraising efforts and to make data-driven decisions for future strategies. The report shows the cumulative value of giving from supporters over time, giving insight by product, year, demographic and more. The report is crucial for organisations to assess the impact of fundraising efforts and make informed decisions for future campaigns. They provide a comprehensive view of how well a campaign performed and can help identify areas for improvement and growth in fundraising strategies.

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